Training Heads and Handles

A hairdresser head is an extremely useful element of hairdressing salons equipment. It is also training equipment necessary for both beginners and experienced hairdressers. So if your salon does not have this type of solution yet, it's time to change it. How? The most convenient, fastest and cheapest way to order in our store.

We offer a wide range of proven solutions prepared especially for hairdressers and hairdressing salons. Each mannequin or hairdresser head that you can find in our offer is a guarantee of excellent quality materials (natural hair or Hot Fiber synthetic thermal hair) and solid workmanship, which ensures comfort of training and work, as well as the certainty that the selected solution will serve in excellent condition by long time. In addition, a tripod (holder) corresponding to all available training heads, providing even more comfort and freedom of work.

Our assortment is sale available continuously, so you don't have to wait long for your order to be completed. The selected hairdresser head will be delivered to the address provided by you within 24 hours. In addition, we offer definitely competitive prices. See for yourself! 

Hairdressing training head - types

Hairdressing training head is the best way to improve your hairdressing workshop. A hairdressing head with a handle (an adjustable tripod or a handle attached to the table top) is also a great help during the training and an indispensable tool for work during competitions and shows. You already know that it is worth having this type of equipment. What can you choose from?

Our store offers women's and men's hairdressing heads. Thanks to this, depending on the specific training need, it will be possible to cut or style hairstyles - for men or women, respectively. The male hairdresser head can additionally have stubble, which is a good training tool for barbers. On the other hand, women's hairdressing heads are a great opportunity to practice complicated pin-ups and fully professional hairdressing treatments.

The proposed models of training heads also differ in the type of hair used:

  • A hairdressing head made of hundred percent of natural human hair will be a great proposition
  • another solution are heads with thermal (synthetic) hair
  • mixed compositions are a compromise (heads equipped with synthetic and natural hair)

Professional hairdressing head for all hairdressing treatments

Both women's and men's training heads dedicated to hairdressers, which you will find in our offer, are propositions from reputable manufacturers. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the selected hairdressing head:

  • it is perfect for combing, styling, cutting, pinning, coloring and lightening hair, or for perm
  • has thick hair (top-quality thermal hair or 100% natural hair) that does not fall out
  • Equipped with a hair styling system that prevents the hair from getting tangled
  • is full-sized
  • allows you to easily separate individual sections of your hair

Hairdresser head and tripod - mandatory kit

A show, competition, journeyman exam? Choose a professional training set, which consists of a hairdressing head and a tripod, which comes with a practical bag that is perfect for traveling. The tripod, made of high-quality durable plastic, with a rotating handle and extendable legs with adjustable height, will provide you with even greater comfort.

Hairdressing head for beginners

A hairdressing head with multi-colored thermal hair is an ideal proposition for beginner hairdressers, but not only. Here, individual strands of hair in different colors make training much easier (easier parting of hair). Additionally, the thermal hair can be successfully wound on the curler. Of course, these types of models can be found in our offer.


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