Professional universal head 70 cm 4 COLOURS

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Producent: Calissimo
Kolory: Czarny
Material: Human Hair
Rodzaj włosia: Naturalne
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Product description


Professional training head model 70 cm 

Pink + Blue + Yellow + Blond

The Calissimo women's hairdressing head for hairdressing training will surely satisfy even the most demanding hairdresser.

Thanks to the multi-colored head, you will learn to style your hair in an even more professional way, because the multi-colored hair heads allow you to separate a section of hair very clearly.

High-quality materials used in the production of Calissimo brand heads make the bristles can be rolled, straightened, etc. Suitable for hairdressers, cosmetologists, hairdressers and students of cosmetology schools.

Product has 100% synthetic (thermal) hair ideal for:

Combing your hair
Hair cutting
bake hair
With our head, you can easily learn to comb your hair.

The head was made in a very careful way, and the hair does not tangle or fall out, which is often the case with lower quality heads.

Important: the head should be combed out several times to remove production surpluses.


  • A hair styling system that keeps your hair tangle-free.
  • Thermal hair can be wound with a curling iron and dried (please remember that perfect curls will not come out on synthetic hair)
  • Full-size head 53 cm

Universal dimensions

The head has universal dimensions so that everyone can exercise as comfortably as possible.

The head fits on every tripod pin with a diameter of 2.5 cm


The head has beautiful, bright, colorful highlights that allow you to separate the hair section in a very clear way.

The head has 4 expressive colors:

  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Blond


Very thick hair

Our heads are manufactured with the highest precision using high-quality machines. As a result, the bristle density is very high.

A handle for attaching the head to the table top is added to each head. I will perfectly stabilize the head while brushing.

With our head, you can easily learn to comb your hair.


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