Cosmetic Equipment

A beauty salon, a hairdressing salon and treatment rooms - all these places have one main task. They are to help their clients take care of their appearance. However, to be able to fulfill this mission, they need the necessary equipment. Professional tools and accessories for manicure and pedicure are what distinguishes treatments carried out in a beauty salon from those that can be performed independently in a private bathroom. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that the equipment of offices and salons is of the highest quality.

Accessories, utensils and tools of the highest quality

Our offer includes everything necessary to make your salon or office work flawlessly. In our store you will find the highest quality hairdressing equipment, face care and make-up, hair care, such as brushes, mask sets, blenders, cosmetic caps and cosmetic cases. The owners of beauty salons will certainly be interested in our manicure and pedicure kits, as well as cosmetic lamps and massage equipment, enabling the creation of a professional SPA. Our products also include modern electronic equipment, such as modern nail milling machines, devices for sterilizing cosmetic accessories, derma rollers or cosmetic paraffin machines. Our offer also includes interesting in which we have eyelash extensions, eyelash curlers, heel cutters or sets for permanent eyelashes.

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